About College

This college started during the  academic session 1995-96  as  an undergraduate college with eight (08) subjects viz., Hindi, English, Economics, History, Sociology, Military Science , Political Science and Home Science pertaining to the faculty of Arts. At the initial stage during that academic session, the total number of students enrolled was simply fifty two (52). During the academic session :2011-12, classes started at the undergraduate level in subjects Physics, Chemistry, Zoology, Botany and Mathematics pertaining to Science Faculty. During the academic session: 2016-17, this venerable institute was upgraded as a full- fledged postgraduate college for conducting classes in two (02) subjects History and Political Science pertaining to Arts  Faculty. At present during the current  academic session : 2017-18, as many as four hundred fifty five (455) students are enrolled in subjects mentioned above pertaining to both Arts  and  Science Faculties,thereby enriching the rich tradition of learning and realizing.

Date of Establishment : March 31,1996 : (Go.No,:3563/28-2-96-5(86)-93, Dated: march 31,1996

Location : Gandhi Nagar,Badari Nath Road, Joshimath(Chamoli)

Phone No : 01389-221017 , 221018

Fax No : 01389-222675

E-mail : principalgdc.joshimath@gmail.com

Distance from the Directorate,Higher Education, Uttarakhand, Haldwani (Nainital) : 320 km.

Height/Altitude( Sea level) : 6,500 Feet

Affiliating University : H.N.B. Garhwal Central University, Srinagar(Pauri Garhwal).

Administrative Control : Deptt. of Higher Education, Govt. of Uttarakhand.

Status regarding 12(B)&2(F) : Covered under 12(B)&2(F)

Nearest Railway Station : Rishikesh (250km).

Total land available: 0.405 Hectare i.e. 4050 sq. meter

A Detail of Building : Own Building consisting of- (1) Administrative Block : 1375.50Sq. Meter (Ground Floor& First Floor )

                                                                                       (2)Academic Block :603.24 Sq. Meter (Ground Floor& First Floor )

Name of the Construction Agency : Uttar Pradrsh Rajkiya Nirmarn Nigam Unit- First, Srinagar(Pauri Garhwal).