the anti-drug cell in college is constituted to ensure a drug- free environment in campus by implementing a total ban on the consumption or use of drugs and alcohol by students of the college, within or outside the campus. An Anti-drugs club was constituted on 06 may 2010 vide office letter No 166/XXIV (6)/210 to ascertain a healthy and intoxication- free environment in and around campus. Currently the cell is organizing a different awareness programs under the “Drugs Free Devbhoomi” campaign launched by Uttarakhand Government. The aim of this campaign is to make Uttarakhand drugs free by year 2025.


Objectives of the Anti-Drug Cell:  

  • To spread awareness to ensure a drug/substance free campus.
  • To prevent the initiation of drug use and the increase to addiction in those who have already initiated the use. 
  • To engage the students in anti-drug activities and educating them about the ill-effects.
  • To motivate students to become volunteers of anti-drug activities in their life.
  • To ensure no sale of drugs or alcohol in college premises.

NEWS Anti Drug Cell